Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat

The Basic Drum Kit ComponentsThese three make up the basic components in any and all drum sets. They are the core of most rhythms and are arguably the most important of the whole kit.

Bass Drum

The kick or bass drum is the largest in the set; it stands in the center on its side and is played using a foot pedal. The deepest sounds and basic downbeats are produced by this unit.

Snare Drum

The snare is the main drum and the most well-known. It sits on a stand and between the knees, producing a loud, sharp sound.


This is the two cymbals beside the snare and is played using a foot pedal, which smashes them together or by hitting them with drumsticks.


Toms are all of the other drums, aside from the three basic mentioned above, that make up a drum kit. They produce hollow sounds at varying pitches depending on the drum size. They are usually mounted on top of the bass drum. Toms are added to kits in terms of necessity, as some genres and music types don’t necessarily require a mid-tom. The toms are usually a decision based on the musician’s taste and desires in terms of their own music.

High Tom – Smallest tom, mounted beside the snare

Mid Tom – Optional, but usually mounted above bass drum.

Floor Tom – The largest tom, usually mounted beside the drummer’s leg


Two cymbals are often added to a kit, in addition to the hi-hats (mentioned above). Crash cymbals have an appropriate name, as they are the loudest cymbals in a kit.

Ride Cymbals – Larger in size than the crash cymbal, the ride cymbal is typically suspended near the floor tom and creates a more gentle sound.

So now you know and understand about drums and their unique and enchanting history.