drum classroom studioJim offers extremely intense, thorough lessons that guarantee success and progress and his fees reflect this. The £15 fee is based on recommended rates for professional lessons. This fee is at the lower end of the scale for professional lessons. This covers the lesson and any material used in the lesson as well. Books, sheet music and any other resources recommended by Jim or used by the students outside of the classroom/studio are the sole financial responsibility of the concerned student. Though Jim does not finance additional resources or include them in his fees, he will happily recommend additional reading or resource materials for those students who are eager to learn or practice more.

Payment plans can be arranged in such a way that the per lesson fee can be paid up front, and a student can pay for multiple lessons at the beginning of their 11 week term, or at the beginning of each individual lesson or however best suits them. Jim accepts several forms of payment depending on what is convenient for the student. The lessons are 30 minutes in length and last 11 weeks. Jim makes no official guarantees about the success or progress as it varies on a per student basis, however, he does promise that the student will learn and progress significantly.

If you have any questions about the fee structure, what they include, how they are established and broken down, Jim is happy to discuss and explain. The fees are fair and transparent with no hidden costs. Jim is looking simply to help those who are passionate about drumming enough to achieve their goals and dreams and is not out to scam anyone. His proven success and passion reflects in each lesson, and students are advised to do their research before committing to any teacher or lesson to ensure a fair price and proper progress.