DRUMSTYLE Lessons and SessionThe lessons at DRUMSTYLE vary in content and difficulty depending on the student. Jim tailors his lessons to the needs and goals of the students. The lessons are consistent in that they are 30 minutes in length and takes place on a weekly basis. Students can do one lesson a week or choose to do two if they are passionate or just beginners. There are approximately 11 weeks of holiday built into each calendar year. The holiday dates are timed loosely around the Exmouth Community College school holidays. The lessons can be scheduled in the afternoons and evenings of Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as Saturday mornings. Jim does his best to accommodate students and their schedules and special arrangements may be made for specific situations.

The lessons are always one on one, with Jim and only one student, as this is the most effective way to teach and to learn such an intense and tricky instrument. Jim has equipped his studio with the best of the best in terms of equipment and technology to ensure the best possible learning environment. This equipment includes a professional grade and quality Roland electric drum kit that is played and heard through speakers as opposed to headphones. The speakers allow both the student and teacher (Jim) to clearly hear the beat and analyze the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lessons are open to musicians of all ages and with varying levels of experience. The age and level of expertise will impact the suggested frequency and duration of Jim’s lessons. Lessons are always done inside the studio and in order to ensure consistency and success of students, Jim does not offer lessons outside of his home, the location of the DRUMSTYLE studio. If you have any questions or comments about the lessons at DRUMSTLYE, feel free to reach out and contact Jim or the studio.