About Jim FerrisJim Ferris was born in 1955 in Coventry. His passion for music started at a very young age and drove him to study drumming at the Coventry School of Music for 5 years prior to commencing his commercial endeavors at the young age of 15. It only took a few years before he appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in London as a percussionist in the finals of the World Brass Band Championships in the year 1970. Many speculated that he was the youngest percussionist to have ever appeared at this prestigious competition and his performance was so impressive that he returned again in the 90’s.

His passion for music extended beyond one particular genre and he experimented and dabbled in many different types of music, and found himself part of Marching Bands, Brass Bands, Rock bands, Jazz bands and everything in between. His career has taken him to venues all over the world from theaters to open air stadiums to live and prerecorded sets. Jim has even participated in playing for live TV shows. His most recent work includes participating in a professional ABBA tribute band. His broad range of experience makes him well equipped and qualified to teach drumming lessons to new and experienced musicians alike.

His teaching career began when he was only 18 and he did it as a part time gig until he was 34 when it became a full time career. At one point, early in his career, he taught at 7 schools a week. His longstanding reputation and the mark he left on pupils and schools make most of his new student’s referrals from past pupils or professional artists. Jim has also had some extremely high profile students varying from famous artists to children of royalty. Jim’s career is something he prides himself on and his teaching is both a passion and a lifestyle.