DRUMSTYLE is proud to celebrate more than 26 years of sharing the passion and beauty of drumming, and its impact in the world of music. The studio was founded way back in 1989 by professional drummer, tutor and acclaimed author Jim Ferris. The studio serves the Exmouth region and other cities within the East Devon region of U.K. Some even travel from other cities and regions to visit and register with the studio.

Jim himself has made a large impact on the world of drumming. He has been teaching for over twenty years, and has been doing so all over the country from Devon to Somerset. His passion for sharing and teaching drumming stems from his own musical ability as he himself is an established professional and successful drummer, having been part of many recognized groups and pieces. He has also written several publications and literature pieces on drumming and music. After all this success, he later decided to teach out of his own home under the name of Drumstyle.

The popularity of the studio and its loyal following can be attributed to the studio’s ability to cater to aspiring musicians of all ages and expertise. From those who don’t know how to hold a drumstick to those looking to sharpen their skills, DRUMSTYLE has a program for everyone. In fact, over 60% of the studio’s new students are beginners. Jim tailors his lessons, making each one unique to the drummer and their style. The studio welcomes any and all new students.